ATTN: Teachers – Make Art, End Hunger!

Feed Your Creativity

Hey, teachers!

Did you know that your students’ artistic talents could help end summer hunger for kids in our community? That’s right – Feeding South Florida®’s Feed Your Creativity art competition is a fun and creative way for kids to help kids. Here’s how:

1. Creativity Inspires Change

Art has the power to inspire people to think differently and take action. By participating in the Feed Your Creativity art competition, kids can use their creativity to raise awareness about the issue of hunger and inspire others to get involved.

2. Art Can Raise Funds

The Feed Your Creativity gallery night is a fundraiser for Feeding South Florida. By submitting their artwork for display, your students can help raise money to support the organization’s mission to end hunger in our community.

3. Art Sparks Conversations

Your students’ artworks can serve as conversation starters about the issue of hunger. They can share their artwork with their friends, family, and community and start important discussions about how we can all work together to end summer hunger.

4. Art Connects Communities

The Feed Your Creativity art competition and gallery night is an opportunity for students to connect with others who share their passion for art and giving back. By participating in the competition, they can meet other like-minded kids who are interested in making a positive change.

Let their creativity make a difference! Feeding South Florida will begin accepting art submissions on April 15, 2023 with the final due date on May 1-5, 2023 on our Events page. Download the competition tool kit to learn more!

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