Empowering Single Moms: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Amy Adler of Sheridan House

Amy Adler of Sheridan House Single Mom Ministry Program | Women's History Month Spotlight

Amy Adler: A Beacon of Hope

As we immerse ourselves in the celebrations of Women’s History Month, it’s an opportune time to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who are making tangible differences in their communities. Among these inspiring figures is Amy Adler, the heart and soul behind the Single Mom Ministry Program at Sheridan House—a partner agency of Feeding South Florida.

In a recent conversation with Amy, we had the privilege of delving into her journey and the incredible work she and her team are undertaking to support single mothers in need. Amy’s story embodies the essence of Women’s History Month—a tale of resilience, compassion, and unwavering dedication to uplifting women facing challenging circumstances.

Amy’s voyage with Sheridan House began seven and a half years ago. Once a probation officer and later a stay-at-home mom, Amy found her calling in community service through Sheridan House. Her husband’s work at the organization led her to join, and she hasn’t looked back since. Her journey into this service reflects the spirit of women who have embraced opportunities to create positive change.

Transforming Lives: The Single Mom Ministry Program

The Single Mom Ministry Program at Sheridan House stands as a beacon of hope for 225 single mothers, all of whom rely on the pantry for essential support. Amy shared the humble beginnings of the pantry, where unused walk-in refrigerators and freezers lay dormant for years. It wasn’t until a fortuitous encounter with a local Trader Joe’s that the pantry truly blossomed.

“He was like, we need someone to come start picking up food every single day, it’s going to waste” Amy reminisces, “And so this whole food pantry was just expanded immediately. ” This encounter marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Sheridan House’s pantry, now a lifeline for countless families.

Throughout our conversation, Amy also shared the challenges faced, particularly highlighting the hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these trials, the pantry remained steadfast, ensuring that families continued to receive the vital support they needed during uncertain times.

Beyond Food Assistance: Empowering Single Mothers

Central to Sheridan House’s Single Mom Ministry Program is its commitment to offering more than just food assistance. Amy emphasized the importance of providing a “hand up, not just a handout.” In 2018, the program expanded to include a housing initiative, providing a stable home environment for single mothers and their children. But it doesn’t stop there. The program offers monthly training classes covering a range of topics, from parenting to budgeting, employability to nutrition—a reflection of the enduring spirit of women supporting and empowering one another.

Amy shared heartwarming success stories of mothers who have moved from homelessness to homeownership, thanks to the support and guidance of Sheridan House. These stories echo the tales of women throughout history who have overcome obstacles with resilience and determination.

Finding Inspiration and Faith

As our conversation turned to inspiration, Amy shared that she finds inspiration in every single mom she meets. “Seeing a mom who never gives up is so inspiring to me,” she said. “Every day, I’m helping these people, but they’re actually helping me grow in my faith.”

To aspiring women looking to make a difference, Amy had a powerful message: “If God puts something on your heart, you just run with it.” She emphasized the importance of taking that first step, knowing that the right people and resources will align to support your mission—a sentiment echoed by the trailblazing women of history.

Supporting Women and Families: A Call To Action

In closing, Amy shared a poignant reflection on the importance of supporting local food pantries and programs that uplift women. “The moms, the clients that we serve are working two, sometimes three jobs to put food on the table,” she said. “By supporting Feeding South Florida and other food pantries, you’re helping these moms live sustainably, by still being able to work and put food on the table”—a continuation of the legacy of women supporting women throughout history.

Amy’s work at Sheridan House is a testament to the incredible impact individuals can have when driven by compassion and a desire to make a difference. As we honor Women’s History Month, let us celebrate women like Amy Adler, whose dedication is changing lives and shaping brighter futures for single moms and their families—a reflection of the enduring strength and resilience of women throughout history.

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