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We rescue 46 million pounds of food per year and before we can distribute it, product needs to be inspected and sorted to ensure food is safe for consumption before distributing it. Whether you’re a group or an individual, we are always in need of volunteers to assist with the sort process. We can accommodate large groups and specialize in team-building and special event sort days!

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• To volunteer, simply click the “VOLUNTEER NOW” button above to register or click here.

• Anyone over the age of 12 can volunteer.

• Groups and individuals are welcome!

• We are able to provide community service hours, and can accommodate certain court-ordered volunteer time

• We are not able to accommodate walk-ins so please be sure to register here.

• If you’d like a specific date, please note that due to previously booked groups, certain dates and time may not be available


Tuesday through Saturday
8:30am to 11:30am & 1:30pm to 4:30pm

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• Once you’ve emailed our Volunteer Coordinator and booked a date, you will receive a confirmation email.

• When arriving at the warehouse, you will check in at the front and proceed to the volunteer room where you will sign in.

• Here, we will provide you with an overview of Feeding South Florida and how to sort.

• Then, you will be escorted to the sort area for a rewarding and fun experience!

• Once sort is completed, we ensure the space is ready for the next group.

• Finally, we bring you back to the volunteer room and provide you with the number of pounds and meals you helped provide to our families in need of food assistance.

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• Inspection of product

• Sorting good product into final categories

• Building boxes of final categories

• Pallet jack and scale operators

• Trash and box runners

• Clean up


• No children under the age of 12; children 12-16 require parental supervision.

• Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times (Please dress appropriately for warehouse work – t-shirts/polos, pants/jeans, sneakers/boots)

• No bags/purses in the warehouse

• No food or drink in the warehouse

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Interested in learning more? Simply send an email to: volunteers@dev.feedingsouthflorida.org with your contact information and we will reply within 2 business days.


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