Volunteer Appreciation Month Spotlight: Gee Robinson’s 4-Year Journey of Compassion

Volunteer Gee Robinson

In the heart of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we take a moment to shine a spotlight on an exceptionally dedicated volunteer, Gee Robinson. For the past four years, Gee has been a steadfast force, contributing her time and efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity. Join us as we dive into Gee’s inspiring journey of compassion and selfless giving.

What Motivated Gee to Become a Volunteer?

Gee’s motivation to become a volunteer is deeply rooted in her love for giving back to the community. Witnessing the struggles of individuals and families during the pandemic, she recognized the urgent need for support. “I saw the need when during the pandemic, a lot of people were out of work and didn’t know where the next meal [was coming from]. They lost their job and their income,” shares Gee. Her neighbor invited her to volunteer, and without hesitation, Gee embraced the opportunity. Additionally, Gee extends her generosity to her own church, highlighting her commitment to serving those in need.

Memorable Moments of Impact

When asked about a memorable moment during her volunteering journey, Gee reflects on the genuine gratitude expressed by those receiving assistance. “To see how grateful the people are. They’re always telling us, ‘God bless you’,” she says. Gee believes that volunteering is not just about giving; it’s about receiving blessings in return. “I think God really looks upon us as volunteers and sees what we’re doing, that we’re helping those who need food, families, people with children; and they really do need it,” she emphasizes. The heartfelt expressions of thanks and blessings fuel Gee’s dedication, reinforcing the value of her time and efforts.

A Timeless Act of Giving

Gee’s philosophy centers on the idea that while she may not have financial resources to give, she can contribute something equally precious—her time. “We could stay home and lay in bed, but for me, my thought process is, let me get out there and do something constructive and go volunteer and give up my time because I don’t have the money to give to people, but I can give up my time,” she affirms. Gee’s timeless act of giving echoes the sentiment that each moment volunteered is a moment invested in building a stronger, more compassionate community.

As we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month, Gee Robinson stands as a beacon of inspiration—a testament to the enduring impact volunteers can make. Her unwavering dedication and compassion not only nourish the bodies of those in need but also uplift the spirits of an entire community. Gee’s journey exemplifies the profound difference one person can make through the simple yet powerful act of volunteering. Feeding South Florida extends heartfelt gratitude to Gee and all volunteers who continue to make our mission a reality. Thank you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to creating a hunger-free future for all.

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