What does it mean to serve? 

What does it mean to serve?

David and Terry, two exceptional veterans, know. 


Their selfless dedication to defending our country and their countless years of commitment and sacrifice are quietly shared with us. They keep their military details brief as this generation is not boastful. Yet, their stories illuminate the importance of supporting those who have courageously served to better our county and communities. 


David, a former Army Veteran and then Corrections Officer, now faces the double challenge of limited resources and health concerns. Having diabetes comes with numerous restrictions on what one can eat, and always places additional budgetary constraints on one’s household finances. “Bad food is cheaper but not healthier and that I’m not supposed to have it,” stated David, “Coming here helps.”  

Terry, a resilient disabled veteran, who was injured in the line of duty, is determined to shine bright. Terry comes to the Feeding South Florida® Neighborhood Pantry to collect food not just for himself but also for his sick friend, who battles cancer. I’ve seen suffering and know that you only have one body. The fruits and vegetables are the best here. They keep me healthy,” said Terry. “I hope they help my friend too.” 


With the increase in food prices, SNAP benefits haven’t kept up and placed yet another barrier to access for these veterans. “The grocery store prices are so high right now. With my food stamps I can only walk out with a bag and a half of food,” said David.  

Reminding us all that is it our time to serve – to give back to our veterans, because the impact we can make in the lives of our heroes during their times of need, so that they can consistently have access to healthy and nutritious food, is imperative!

Testimonial was done with David and Terry’s consent and free of any monetary exchange. | June 2023

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