Volunteer Highlight: Stephen Bartlett and Tina Perkins

How volunteer recruiters Stephen Bartlett and Tina Perkins are supporting Feeding South Florida’s mission from afar.

“Stephen, you’re not on mute but we can’t hear you!” Tina Perkins shared during a virtual call with Stephen Bartlett and Feeding South Florida (FSF). The pair have supported FSF as volunteers on our Talent Acquisition team since the fall of 2020. As the audio issue was resolved, they laughed through the tech glitches, a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation on full display.

Stephen initially learned about Feeding South Florida from a board member, who told him about the growth of the organization both in the number of people requesting food assistance in the last year, but also in the number of friendly food bankers on the team responding to the need, and the need for even more hands on deck. With his experience as a global talent acquisition leader and knew he could help.

“Wherever there is a need, we have the time to help.”

Inspired by conversations with Feeding South Florida’s executives – “The amount of passion and care in the leadership to make sure that families are fed is absolutely incredible,” he says – Stephen reached out to Tina, based out of Asheville, NC, who he describes as “amazing with process and systems.” The two identified areas of opportunity in the recruitment process, from the time it took to respond to a new applicant, the interview and selection process to the systems supporting this recruitment process.

With FSF’s input, Stephen and Tina implemented tools and mechanisms to help the recruitment team fill open positions. “A lot of the positions that are open are key roles that will help FSF move to the next level,” shared Stephen. Tina adds that it is rewarding because, “It’s also about the people that apply to FSF and their experience. Everyone is not going to get hired, but maybe because of their experience they will volunteer or support the organization in the future.”

When asked what they would recommend to others looking to be involved, Tina enthusiastically shares, “Do it! Reach out and be a part of it! The reward is so much greater than the time that you give. There are so many people that you don’t even know that appreciate the time that you give.”

Stephen adds, “I would explore what it is that you can bring to the table that FSF can benefit from. For some, it might be helping to mail thank you letters, for others, it might be making phone calls. Reach out and offer that. You’re giving back to the organization, but what you can get out of it is so much more.”

About Stephen Bartlett:

Stephen is an enthusiastic Talent Acquisition Leader who has led teams hiring talent for North and South America and Europe for companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 50, encompassing technology, consulting, manufacturing, and communications. Stephen is currently Head of Talent Acquisition for Panorama Education where he ensures the candidate and hiring manager experience exemplifies their people first culture.  He loves his work at Panorama Education as their mission is to improve the outcomes for every student and the employees want to make a difference.

Stephen is originally from New Hampshire and holds a Master of Business Administration from New Hampshire College.  He has lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston and now resides in Fort Lauderdale with his husband Woody, two sons, Austin and Anthony, and their dog Auggie.

Stephen’s known for his passion for anything he does, and his boundless energy.  On top of a full schedule at work and family, he volunteers for Feeding South Florida and is found at the gym regularly in his Zumba class, lifting weights or losing racquetball games to his husband.

About Tina Perkins:

Tina’s career includes 10 years of recruiting in addition to leading teams and initiatives, program & project management, business analyst, account management, and consulting.  Meeting aggressive goals and developing processes is second nature to Tina.  She has also implemented and supported several large software systems.

Tina is originally from Pensacola, Florida graduating from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts.  She has lived in San Francisco, Indianapolis, Florida, and North Carolina twice currently living in Asheville with her husband and dog Finn.

Tina found her driving passion for helping people as a recruiter, but still finds time to volunteer for Feeding South Florida, creating pottery, and spending time with friends and family.

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