Feeding South Florida Spreads The Christmas Cheer With Holiday Meals

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For many of us, Christmas Eve is a time of celebration and anticipation of gifts to open in the morning.

But for some families, the cupboard is bare and the gifts are few and far between.

So thank goodness for the seasonal spirit of giving and for those who volunteer to help.

At this time of year, the signs of abundance are everywhere. The crowded malls, the stuffed shopping bags, the full grocery carts, all are reminders of the difference between those who have and those who have not.

This is why what’s happening at the warehouse for Feeding South Florida in Pembroke Pines is so important.

“Feeding South Florida has over 300 non-profits that we partner with and they distribute all across the four-county area from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. Over 706-thousand individuals struggle to put food on the table. During the holidays, it’s an extremely vulnerable time for our families,” said Paco Valez, President and CEO of Feeding South Florida.

Since July, Feeding South Florida has given away 40 million pounds of food. On Tuesday alone, volunteers will box up and trucks will carry away more than 300,000 pounds of canned goods, chickens, pasta and more to South Florida families in need.

Make no mistake, the volunteers are a very important part of this food chain. More than a one hundred showed up on Christmas Eve to lend a hand including the 9 to 17-year-olds from the Broward Elite All-Stars, a cheer squad whose mission this day was to deliver some holiday cheer.

“It’s very hard for people this time of year. They can’t afford a lot of things, and to get back from their community and knowing that they have a hot meal provided for Christmas Eve or a meal for the holidays is a very big deal,” said Victoria Seuss, owner of Broward Elite All-Stars.

A very big deal indeed, but the need doesn’t stop with the holidays. Feeding South Florida is always looking for help.

If you would like to get involved, just go to feedingsouthflorida.org.

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