Feeding South Florida Recognizes Team Member of the Month – July 2015

Feeding South Florida would like to congratulate Jennifer Millon, our Communications Coordinator, who has been named “Team Member of the Month” for July 2015. Jennifer’s commitment to the organizations, the clients we serve, and the volunteers who support us is exemplary of the type of team member we are so grateful to have.

As Communications Coordinator, Jennifer handles our social media, newsletters, graphics, as well as a  million other things she does for her colleagues around the food bank, like prepare for presentations for our team.

BIRTHPLACE  Born in Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL, but celebrated my first birthday Barranquilla, Colombia. While growing up I spent all of my summer vacations in Colombia, and even lived there for about 2 years of my childhood. I consider myself as much Colombian as I do American.

HOBBIES: Exercising, Baking cupcakes (I know, seems a little counter productive), and most of all spending time with my family, friends and dog – Frankie the Pug. ????

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS: I’m a true Miami sports team fan. I’m a proud Dolfan, Heat Lifer, and enjoy attending a Miami Marlins game every now and then. I also follow the National Colombian soccer team, and really like our attacking midfielder, James Rodriguez.

Q: What do you like most about working for Feeding South Florida?
The fact that I get to make a direct impact within my community, not only as a communications coordinator, but as a volunteer as well. I love that I get to learn the story of the people we serve, and share it with our followers, partners, etc. I like to think that my work can inspire others to help, act and create awareness about the issue of hunger in South Florida.

Q: What brought you to the organization?
I’ve always had a passion for helping others. I wanted to find a job and build a career within an organization where I felt I was making a difference, and was still able to use my degree in Communications. I learned about FSF when my past employer hosted a food drive, which prompted me to visit the organization’s website and I found that a position – my current position – was available. I remember reading the job description and thinking “this job is made for me”. A couple days later I found myself behind an FSF truck in traffic, and took it as the final sign that I had to apply for the position.

Q: What are you most looking forward to accomplishing at Feeding South Florida?
I want to give hope to those in need.  I want to inspire people, whether inside or outside of the organization, to always find the time to help others. I am a true believer that anybody can help make a difference.

Jennifer MIllon EoM July 2015


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