Feeding South Florida Celebrates Black History Month: Spotlight on Food Distribution Partner Agency Curley’s House of Style, Inc., Hope Relief Food Bank

As we embrace Black History Month, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the profound influence of black leaders and their contributions across various industries. In the realm of food distribution, many have dedicated themselves to addressing food insecurity and promoting community resilience. This week, we cast a spotlight on the noteworthy efforts of Curley’s House of Style, Inc./ Hope Relief Food Bank.

Located in Miami-Dade County, Curley’s House stands as a pillar of hope, relief, food and love. Established in 1999, this organization has been tirelessly serving the needs of the community for over two decades. To learn more about Curley’s House, we sat down with members of the team, who shared insights into the organization’s mission and impact.

Lavern Spicer, the visionary founder and executive director, conceived Curley’s House of Style as a heartfelt tribute to her esteemed late mentor, Cuzzie King, affectionately known as Curley. King’s unwavering dedication to assisting the less fortunate and her inclusive embrace of everyone served as a profound inspiration for Spicer. In a tribute to King’s philanthropic legacy, Spicer subsequently founded the Hope Relief Food Bank, preserving the cherished traditions instilled by her mentor.

Curley’s House is dedicated to enriching the lives of the individuals they serve. Monthly, they extend their outreach to at least 5000 new and returning clients, proudly making a meaningful impact within the community. They have not only garnered the trust of the community but have solidified itself as a reliable pillar of support for those navigating challenges. Irrespective of circumstances, Curley’s House adheres to an open-door philosophy, ensuring that no one is ever turned away. Spicer emphasized that the organization is dedicated to “empowerment and spreading love.” Further elaborating, Spicer highlighted the organizations unwavering commitment to addressing a community void created by the closure of the Jame E Scott Community Association (J.E.S.C.A).

Rubin Yung, the Assistant Executive Director of Curley’s House emphasized the organization’s commitment to providing a wide range of support to the community. Yung expressed, “We aim to be a full-scale one-stop shop so whatever they need, we try to make sure that we can provide good quality meat, good quality produce to offering assistance with essentials such as diapers for single mothers and facilitating referrals for housing support,” he explained.

One of the key elements driving the impactful work Curley’s House’s does is its collaboration with partners like Feeding South Florida. Felicia Douglas, the Senior Program Director at Curley’s House, expressed gratitude for the strong partnership with Feeding South Florida. “We have a very good partnership. We get some of the freshest products that we can set out for the community to receive,” she shared. Through its partnership with Feeding South Florida, Curley’s House receives food from significant partners like Winn-Dixie and Publix. With these strategic partnerships, including collaborations with the City of Miami, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and the Miami Diaper Bank Foundation, Curley’s House is able to offer a comprehensive array of products, spanning from meats to bakery items and essential baby supplies.

As Curley’s House advances in its mission, Yung provided insights into their future plans. The organization is actively seeking to move to a more spacious facility due to the substantial outgrowth of their current space. This shift will empower Curley’s House to significantly enhance its food assistance capabilities by adding a dedicated kitchen, allowing them to prepare meals for the daily influx of homeless individuals they welcome. Additionally, a walk-in fridge and freezer will be incorporated to expand their capacity to store more food for the community. This crucial relocation will also enable the organization to broaden its services, including senior assistance, support for mothers and babies, clothing aid, salon services, and initiatives promoting dress-for-success.

The overarching vision is to foster an inclusive umbrella, encouraging collaboration among organizations from diverse fields to collectively address the broader needs of the community. Yung underscored the significance of unity among black organizations, highlighting the transformative impact achievable through collective efforts. In working together, these organizations aim to uplift the community and overcome challenges, embodying the spirit of shared responsibility and communal growth.

Curley’s House welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on their community. If their mission inspires you, you can learn more by visiting the Curley’s House website and become part of the positive change they bring to the community.

During Black History Month, we reflect on the enduring legacy of resilience, innovation, and community solidarity. Feeding South Florida takes great pride in partnering with remarkable agencies that contribute uniquely to ending hunger and promoting equitable access to food. As we honor the rich tapestry of Black history and culture, let us renew our commitment to constructing a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, nurtured by both food and community support. In the ongoing celebration of Black History Month, Curley’s House emerges as a beacon of resilience, compassion, and community building. Stay tuned for the upcoming week as we highlight yet another one of our esteemed partner agencies. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and foster positive change in our communities.

If you find inspiration in the impactful work that Feeding South Florida and partner agencies like Curley’s House are doing to end hunger and make a positive impact in the community, consider joining the cause by visiting our website. There, you’ll discover various opportunities to get involved and contribute to the positive change we collectively bring to the community.

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