Allen Harim sends 40 tons of chicken to Florida

Allen Harim sent 40 tons of chicken to Florida on Sept. 20 to help assist with relief efforts after Hurricane Irma.

“On behalf of everyone at Allen Harim, our hearts and prayers are with all the people who have been impacted by the Hurricanes this year,” said Joe Moran, president and CEO of Allen Harim. “We felt compelled to help out and sending some of our chicken to help feed those impacted is a small gesture that we hope makes a difference for some.”

The first truckload of 40,000 pounds of chicken will head to Jacksonville, Florida, to Feeding Northeast Florida, a food bank that works with 160 service agencies in eight counties to feed more than 12 million people last year.

Residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas continue experience power outages and the aftermath of severe flooding.

The second load of 40,000 pounds will headed to Feeding South Florida, a food bank located north of Miami. Officials there said the food bank lost power and the contents of their cold storage areas, some of which quit working even when power was restored. They’ve been repairing those units and welcome the opportunity to start with chicken from Allen Harim.

Allen Harim also recently donated 40,000 pounds of chicken to Houston to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

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