Nourishing Hope

Nourishing Hope

In a world of uncertainties, it’s resilient spirits like Fatima, 22, who inspires us with her unwavering determination.

Her story is a journey of dreams, challenges, and hope. Fatima and her family left their beloved Venezuela in search of a brighter future and quickly made Homestead, Florida, their new home. During the course of four and a half years, Fatima and her family felt isolated and struggled to find food. Five months ago, they relocated to Hollywood, Florida, hoping to find increased access to resources needed to thrive.

Fatima found employment, working part-time at a preschool during the year, but during the summer she becomes temporarily unemployed.  

Determined to provide for her loved ones, Fatima walks to the Global Impact Village Pantry, a Feeding South Florida® Neighborhood Pantry, in Hollywood, to gather essential sustenance for her family each week. 

Her father, hailing from the Middle East, and her Venezuelan mother have encountered their fair share of challenges, making the pantry’s nutritious food a lifeline for them. 

“It [the food] helps a lot with saving. We go to the store to buy food and it’s very expensive. We are a family of five, so it’s very helpful to come here. We don’t get a lot of help from the government because we are immigrants,” said Fatima. The impact of the food assistance stretches far beyond the dinner table for Fatima’s family. The financial relief they experience by having their nutritional needs met allows them to allocate resources toward other living expenses. 

Fatima’s resilience serves as a poignant reminder of the immense power we possess when we unite in our efforts to change lives one meal at a time. 

Testimonial was done with Fatima’s consent and free of any monetary exchange. | June 2023 

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