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Beginning Tuesday, September 19, Feeding South Florida will return to normal volunteer shifts, from Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30am-11:30am and from 1:30pm-4:30pm; we can accommodate up to 100 people per shift. Children aged 12+ are welcome, and all volunteers must register online (click below).

Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @FeedingSFL or FeedingSouthFlorida for the most up-to-date information.


In the event of a disaster situation, Feeding South Florida (FSF) will need volunteers to assist shelter guests and the community at large. Volunteers will be utilized to the best of their capacity by attempting to match volunteers, based on their skills, to the needs of the disaster situation. Please understand that all volunteers participating through FSF will be participating in food relief efforts.


Feeding South Florida works in close partnership with SERT, EOC, FEMA and participates in emergency management meetings throughout the counties we serve. We believe in organized response with following standard incident command procedures both internally and externally. We regularly participate in drills across the state, preparing for multiple scenarios that allow us to prepare for disasters, knowing what each food bank has on-hand.

Feeding South Florida is a member of Feeding Florida (FF), the state partner association of Feeding America. As a network member, we are part of the only statewide hunger relief organization with an active presence in every county throughout the state. Feeding Florida and Feeding South Florida are integral parts of Florida State Mass Care team, helping to plan response and recovery activities and to serve our neighbors when disaster strikes.

Feeding South Florida helps ensure that food, water and other disaster supplies are staged pre-storm to support shelters. We then mobilize quickly post-storm, rapidly deploying resources where they are most needed. Our state network has 160+ commercial trucks, and 20+ warehouses with more than 500,000 square feet of storage for critical supplies. Feeding America and other national partners, as well as our local food banks, have taken great care, made strategic infrastructure investments and exercised their experienced foresight to provide and stage essential supplies in key locations to ensure a quick response.


Overall Planning (FEMA)
Hurricane Kit (FEMA)
Food Safety During an Emergency (USDA)
Helpful Hints

Create a family disaster plan by clicking here.

Be sure to fill all prescriptions, keep personal identification, insurance records, and medical information on your person. Have an evacuation plan, photograph and document your property and belongings, and have a communication network that knows your plans and your location, at all possible times. And, don’t forget your pets! Ensure they have food and water, proper identification, vaccinations, medications, and don’t leave them behind!

County Information
Palm Beach County Emergency Services
Broward County Emergency Services
Miami-Dade County Emergency Services
Monroe County Emergency Services

State Emergency Response Team (SERT), Disaster Planning
National Hurricane Center (NOAA), Storm Tracking


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Once we are called to mobilize, we will need community support.

Our most critical need at this time are monetary donations, as well as volunteers to help sort donated supplies and food.

Additional questions can be addressed to disasterrelief@dev.feedingsouthflorida.org.


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  • On-going and regular communication
  • A list of available resources as they relate to food needs
  • The mobilization of our trucks, with supplies, if necessary
  • Activation of warehouse storage, as necessary, by FEMA

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  • Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • Feeding America (As necessary)
  • Feeding Florida (Feeding America State Association)
  • FEMA (As necessary)
  • Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)
  • American Red Cross + Salvation Army


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