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As part of our mission, we strive to lead hunger and poverty advocacy efforts in South Florida. As an umbrella organization for nearly 400 partner agencies, and almost 1 million people in need of food assistance, we believe the voice of the community is a powerful way to positively effect change.

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Follow Feeding South Florida’s legislative agenda and register for alerts to learn about policies that affect, or may affect hunger relief in South Florida

For additional information, some great websites are:

[cmsms_simple_icon icon=”cmsms-icon-link-ext” size=”17″ space=”17″ display=”inline” border_width=”0″ border_radius=”50%” link=”http://feedingamerica.org/” target=”self” color=”#ed8000″ animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_simple_icon]  Feeding America
[cmsms_simple_icon icon=”cmsms-icon-link-ext” size=”17″ space=”17″ display=”inline” border_width=”0″ border_radius=”50%” link=”http://hungercliff.org/” target=”self” color=”#ed8000″ animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_simple_icon]  Hunger Cliff
[cmsms_simple_icon icon=”cmsms-icon-link-ext” size=”17″ space=”17″ display=”inline” border_width=”0″ border_radius=”50%” link=”http://www.stopthehungerclock.org/” target=”self” color=”#ed8000″ animation_delay=”0″][/cmsms_simple_icon]  Stop the Hunger Clock

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Find us on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instragram Follow us, like us, retweet us, and help raise awareness for the issue of hunger in South Florida. When visiting our warehouse or events, don’t forget to tag #FSFendshunger to join the hunger-relief conversation!

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Hunger Action Month

Join us for “30 Ways in 30 Days” to help raise awareness for the issue of hunger in South Florida and take action to end it. The idea is that anyone can do anything to end hunger, from wearing orange to raise awareness, to donating, volunteering, and participating in our of our events.

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The purpose of the Feeding South Florida Kids Council is to involve kids and teens in our mission. Kids Council members will not only serve as Feeding South Florida ambassadors, they will also provide council to Feeding South Florida leadership, providing on-the-ground information about current trends in schools and their peers’ needs. Kids and teens ages 5-18 are welcome. Attendance at monthly meetings is required as is completion of a service project.

For a Kids Council Overview Packet, please e-mail our Vice President of Community Relations, Sari Vatske.

To learn more, and participate in our first webinar on September 26 at 6:00 p.m. please register here. After registration, you will receive the call-in information.

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There are many salient issues at the forefront of our community which greatly impact the work we do. To find and contact your federal, state, and local elected officials in support of hunger-relief efforts, click here and enter your zip code.


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