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Feeding South Florida provides packs of food for children who don’t have access to meals over the weekend. 

Far too many times, children don’t eat between Friday’s school lunch and Monday’s school breakfast. Studies have shown that hunger can lead to poor performance, behavioral problems and health problems.

Seeking to fill the void of the necessary nutrients children need to live, learn, and play, Feeding South Florida identifies Title I Elementary Schools and/or afterschool programs that have at least 90% of their enrollment on federal nutrition assistance programs, have household incomes that fall at or below poverty lines, and are in under-served areas and provides them with packs of food for children to take home on the weekend.


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Each pack includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. All food is shelf-stable, kid-friendly, and part of a well-balanced diet and fits perfectly into the child’s backpack.


Backpacks are picked up or delivered on Thursday afternoons for Friday distribution


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Monroe County
Early Learning Coalition
Key Largo Elementary School

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Feeding South Florida regularly conducts a gap analysis of our quad-county service area. We use this analysis to strategically place programs and recruit partner agencies to ensure a wide array of programs and services throughout South Florida. Accordingly, Feeding South Florida has identified sites that are in areas of high need and are able to meet program guidelines.

The backpack program has been replaced with the school pantry program, which we’ve found it to be more efficient, provides a choice, variety, healthy food, and for the entire family. .


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