Meet Our Team

Please dial the main number and then the team member’s extension, listed below. If you have any complications, please call the main office line at 954.518.1818 during our regular business hours, Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Paco Vélez

President & CEO

Sari M. Vatske

Executive Vice President

Donna Lenchuk
Executive Assistant
Javier Matta
Staff Accountant
954.518.1818 x1832
Thao Nguyen
Accounts Payable
954.518.1818 x1820
Ivonne Rodriquez
Shahnaaz Yasin
Director of Finance
Cynthia Barstad
Donor Relations Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1835
Ruth Bonet
Volunteer Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1824
Rachel Weiser
Individual Philanthropy Manager
954.518.1818 x 6254
Food Industry
Cagney Kobrin
Food Industry Manager
954.518.1818 x1862
Charles Bandy
Senior Store Donation Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1836
Jenelle Champion
Store Donation Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1838
Client Services
Hillary Gale
Food Systems Analyst
954.518.1818 x 1850
Carletta Edmunds
Client Services Coordinator (Feeding Palm Beach County)
Soledad Fontecilla
Client Services Coordinator (Main Warehouse)
Partner Services
Teresa Arenas
Senior Programs Coordinator
954.518.1818 x 6251
Sandra Jean-Baptiste
Agency Relations Coordinator (Feeding Palm Beach County)
561.331.5441 x6255
Erica McCoy
Children's Programs Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1856
Lidia Clarke
Director of Programs
Leslie Swab
External Distribution Coordinator
954.518.1818 x1853
Alyssa Villalba
Agency Relations Coordinator (Main Warehouse)
954.518.1818 x1905
Crystal Webster
Order Clerk (Feeding Palm Beach County)
954.518.1818 x1854
Jay Baldwin
Warehouse Manager
954.518.1818 x 1849
Adam Brown
Director of Operations
954.518.1818 x1823
Peter Dunne
Transportation Manager
954.518.1818 x6214
Sheyla Morales
Warehouse Manager (Feeding Palm Beach County)
954.518.1818 x1837

Board of Directors

Harris Siskind

McDermott Will & Emery

Board Chair

Benny Gonzalez

PNC Bank


Eddie Rivera

JM Family Enterprises


Jose Alonso

Iberia Bank


Michael Block

Greenmonkey Yoga


Carolyn Bolton

Dental Whale


Henry Del Campo

Wells Fargo


Julie Dodd

Ultimate Software


Don Hsieh



William Fletcher

UTC/Carrier Corporation


Robert P. McCabe



Chris Mellgren

Surfside Coffee Company


Kelly Murphy

Events on the Loose


Max Piet

TooJay’s Deli, Bakery,


David Prevost



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